Foot Conditions

Foot Conditions and more….

 Ill or mis-fitted shoes can cause or add to a number of problems to the health of your body. In addition to long term damage to your feet, back pain, problems with ankle and knee joints and serious damage to your body can be caused by wearing shoes that do not fit properly. By saving a few dollars at discount shoe stores now, you may well have to pay dearly later in terms of your health and resulting medical bills, not to mention years of discomfort.

Some common problems caused by ill or mis-fitted shoes can cause or add to the following:

Plantar fasciitis - an inflammation of the plantar fascia-which is a stretchy ligament type of structure under the sole of your foot. Overuse or injury can cause inflammation, which will cause the plantar fascia to tug painfully on the heel, where it is attached. Aggravated by wearing shoes without arch supports and walking barefoot.

Callouses - an unwanted deposit of hardened skin due to pressure inside of a shoe. Can be very painful. Even if removed, they will re-occur if the reason for pressure is not addressed.

Corns - caused by localized pressure. Soft corns form between the toes from toes being jammed together in a too narrow shoes. Hard corns can form on top of hammertoes because of a too shallow toebox, or on the little toe, caused by too narrow shoes.

Morton's neuroma - an inflammation of a nerve between the metatarsal bones, usually between the 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th metatarsals. Can be alleviated by metatarsal support that keeps the bones from pressing on the swollen nerve, and shoes of an appropriate width.

Ankle, knee and back pain-often accompany unsupportive shoes. A too soft heel counter of a shoe will allow the ankle to twist incorrectly, which will then also affect the knees, hips and back.

Hammertoes - toes that are bent upward at the first joint, often causing the tops of them to rub uncomfortably at the top of a shoe. Shoes with extra depth are useful. Judicious stretching of the offending area can also be beneficial.

Ingrown toenails - Toenails that are crammed in shoes that are too short often create toenails that grow into the side of the toe-a very painful condition that often requires the nail to be removed surgically. Always make sure you have room in front of your toes and that you can wiggle them inside of a shoe.

Toenail loss - too short of a shoe can lead to damage of the nail bed resulting in the loss of the nail. Especially common with the big toe, as it is usually the longest of the toes.

Metatarsalgia - pain in the ball of the foot-where the metatarsal bones meet the phalanges (toe bones). Often caused or aggravated by high heels, which force the foot in an unnatural position, creating pressure on this area. Can be helped with metatarsal arch supports.