I love my sneakers. I got them six years ago and wear them several times a week. The sole looks okay and there aren’t any holes on the top of the shoes. I figure I’m good for another year or two. My wife thinks I’m wrong. Please tell me I’m right. I

Sorry, your wife wins this time.  Because athletic shoes have a softer, more cushiony mid-sole, they break down more quickly than regular casual shoes.  You may not be able to see a lot of wear down in the tread, and the top of the shoe may not have holes in it, but the mid-sole will thin out and the shoes will not support as well as when you first purchased them.  A general rule is that athletic shoes are good for 500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first.  Often serious runners will write the date of purchase inside of their shoes so they can keep track of when they need to be replaced.  Here at Foot Solutions, we can arrange to phone or email you when your shoes are nearing their replacement date.  Many men feel the same way you do about shopping.  When we give you a ring that it’s time to replace your shoes, we can sell you a new pair in the same size and even mail them out to you.  No hassle and your feet will thank you.