I use a walker most of the time, as I tend to ‘shuffle’ when I walk. I’ve tried wearing slippers around the house, but I tend to walk out of them, which could be dangerous. What should I look for in a pair of shoes?

Since your balance is not what it used to be, shoes with stability are a must.  Stability in a shoe means that you should ideally be wearing a shoe with a back, or at least a back strap, so your shoe will be held securely on your foot.  Proper sizing is important, you need room in front of the longest toe on your largest foot, but you don’t want too much room, or you might trip.  Also, a shoe with ‘carpet friendly’ soles are important, as you don’t want a sole that has too much ‘grab’, as that could also trip you.  A reputable store with trained associates, like Foot Solutions, should be able to give you options and a proper fit for your feet.