My feet don’t actually hurt, but at the end of the day, my whole body feels tired and strained. I wear 2” heels most of the time and I work in retail, so I am on my feet a lot. No matter what type of shoe or brand I try, I’m tired and achy when I get

The answer is-yes and maybe.  First the yes part.  Many problems people working on their feet have with fatigue can relate directly to their feet.  Feet adapted to support the human body by walking barefoot on supporting ground.  Now picture those same feet stuffed into heels walking miles on hard unforgiving surfaces.  The more you can do to support the arches of your feet, the better your posture will be and the less fatigue you will feel at the end of the day.  Bring in a pair of your work shoes to us at Foot Solutions.  We can either make you a pair of custom inserts or fit you will an over the counter support.  Either way, you will be happier.  As for maybe part of the answer-just switching from one regular brand of shoe to another or switching to a different style won’t help.  That is, it won’t help unless you go to a store, like Foot Solutions, that has true comfort shoes.  All of our shoes have room for arch supports.  Some brands, such as Finn Comfort, actually have modifiable and replaceable arch supports already in their shoes.  You earn your living on your feet, treat them with care and you will be happier.