My fifteen year old son wears athletic shoes exclusively. He has a drawer full of cotton socks that wears with these shoes. When he takes his shoes off at night, his socks are soaked with perspiration, and, of course, his feet don’t smell too good. I

Cotton is good for lots of garments.  It’s lightweight, and cool.  It’s just not good for socks.  Cotton holds moisture next to your skin, so it doesn’t let moisture escape.  Foot Solutions carries socks that are made of moisture wicking material.  When you take these socks off at night, you will find that the socks are wet, but your feet are dry.  All of their socks have fused toe seams, eliminating discomfort in this area.  They even carry socks that have copper woven into the sole.  Copper is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor agent.  Come on in and get him a pair or two to try out.  You’ll soon be back for more.