Our Products

At our Houston Foot Solutions stores, we provide our customers with a wide choice of products to ensure their comfort and safety. We hand pick everything ourselves, choosing the products our customers have come to expect. Our range of products includes:

We carry a wide range of high quality men’s and women’s shoes. We stock all sizes of the shoes we carry so we can provide the perfect fit. We are not a “one-size-fits-all” store and so, you will not have to cram your feet into ill-fitting shoes anymore! We provide every style of shoe from flip-flops to working boots and everything in between, including dress shoes, walking shoes, sandals, and more. Click here to learn more….

Over the counter arch supports
Again, as with shoes, arch supports should not be offered as a “one-size-fits-all” product. We measure your feet and examine your shoes to determine which arch support will be the perfe3ct match to provide you with the support and comfort you need to ensure pain-free feet. We carry a wide range of arch supports, allowing us to select the correct fit for your shoes. Click here to learn more…

Custom Inserts
Our long lasting and durable custom inserts are created specifically for you by using data from our in-store, high technology equipment. They are cost effective and durable, lasting up to ten years and some are machine washable. Click here to learn more…

Our range of seamless socks keep your feet cool and dry. Using moisture wicking materials and other technologies, we are also able to provide socks that are antibacterial, antifungal, anti odor. Click here to learn more…