The Difference

The Foot Experts

Our interest and mission is to advocate on behalf of feet, knees, posture and walking. Feet take enormous abuse and neglect, but they are the foundation of our whole skeletal structure. Most people wear the wrong size shoes, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

We are trained in foot pathologies, shoe fitting, shoe modification and proper distribution of body weight through the use of shoes and orthotics (arch supports).

Fulfilling our mission takes training, diagnostic equipment, shoes and a passion for helping people.

When a customer walks in the door, we’re already observing their posture, gait and any other visible walking characteristics. We sit down with the customer, measure both feet, look at current shoe wear pattern and size and discuss the reason he or she has visited.


We then like to perform a color coded foot pressure mapping and compare the results to what the customer is experiencing. We and our customer are then increasing our mutual knowledge of this particular pair of feet. At this point, but not before, we know enough to start looking at shoes. Also at our disposal is an electronic digitizer that scans the soles of the feet in a non-weight bearing mode to produce a contour map of the arches of the feet. Armed with all this information, we can help with shoe and orthotic selection.

We carry a wide range of men’s and lady’s shoes, for all types of activities, from sandals to dress, informal to formal, all sizes and widths. Our mission, in addition to health, comfort and physical well being is to have all (or most) of the categories of footwear our customers will need.

You are welcome to visit and it would be our pleasure to provide this experience with you.