When I was a child in the 1950’s, my mother used to take me to a children’s shoe store that had an x-ray machine. You could step on the machine and the television screen would shoe the image of your foot inside of your shoes. The idea was that you co

The only way to be sure that you buy the right size of shoe is to go to a store, like Foot Solutions, that takes care to fit you properly.  Both of your feet should be measured at least every couple of years.  You want to have your feet measured while you are seated and again when you stand up.  That way, foot flexibility can be gauged.  A person properly trained in shoe fitting will know how the different brands and styles the store carries fit.  Shoes, like clothes, can fit differently.  That’s why you may be comfortable in a size 8 ½ in one shoe, but need a 9 or a 9 ½ in a different one.  A shoe should look like your feet, you should have a thumb’s width of room in front of your longest toe on your largest foot, and you should always be able to wiggle your toes around inside of a shoe.  If you like to wear thick socks, please bring a pair with you to make sure, as the type of sock can affect shoe size.